Pub Trivia Australia Working Sustainably

18 Mar

Pub Trivia Australia focuses on working sustainably, we use 100% renewable & carbon neutral energy supplied by Powershop. The paper we purchase for office use, as well as all answer pads & registration forms we provide, use only FSC sources, which plants 2 trees for every one cut down. We use recycled paper towels & practice double sided printing in our office to reduce paper usage...& we always recycle printer cartridges of course! As our Big Screen Trivia games are provided as a digital file, the host has the option of also having their answer booklet displayed on their laptop or ipad as they host.

The Earth's resources are not infinite & we do our best every step of the way to work sustainably. Thank You for supporting us, we will continue to support the natural world through our business practices as we grow.

-Lauren Oppy

Pub Trivia Australia