Setting up your venue to run our trivia is easy.

We have provided you with the 3 most common options, depending on your venues A/V configuration.

Option 1. - Use your pre-existing Foxtel connection.

Most venues in Australia have 1 or more Foxtel boxes running into their venues TVs.

When it comes time to run your trivia, simply unplug one of your Foxtel boxes & plug the HDMI cable into your laptop instead. The laptop can remain behind the bar, and you’re host can use a presentation clicker to run through the show.

Option 2. - Your Foxtel connection is located in another area, or inside a locked office.

Almost the same as option 1, except you’ll need to install either a Chromecast adaptor or an Apple TV box in the office & plug THAT into the Foxtel input instead of the laptop. You then connect your laptop over WIFI to the Apple or Chromecast box & wirelessly run the trivia from the laptop from anywhere in your venue.

OR not keen on messing with your Foxtel? Connect it via the Nightlife Music System

Have a nightlife or similar music video system installed in your venue? Instead of using the Foxtel input, you could use your music video system input instead.

Option 3. - Direct Connection.

Only have 1 screen to connect to?  Connect your laptop direct to the screen via a cable, or install a Chromecast or Apple TV unit directly into that TV or projector.

Helpful hints….

You don't need a brand new Apple TV box. Pick a second hand one up from Ebay for as little as around $50.

Using a Windows based laptop to stream to an Apple TV? Use the program Airparrot 2 to easily stream to the Apple TV.

Have any questions, or need help? Feel free to send us an email. We have installed our trivia in a dozen of our local venues, so would be happy to assist.