Having hosted trivia nights for over a decade, I can tell you that asking the right questions is only part of making your nights a success. 

Timing is a crucial element in ensuring your trivia nights don't becoming boring. A fast paced trivia night keeps the night interesting, keeps the players focused on answering, and (most importantly) doesn't allow the night to become boring or drag on. 

Whilst our trivia packs are used for all types of fundraising events, schools, corporate events & more, they are written with pubs in mind. For this reason, we have laid out our trivia nights in such a way, that they are partially automated to help the host keep them running on time. 

A regular trivia night should aim to last around the 90 minute to 120 minute mark. Our rounds are timed, so that each question appears for 30 seconds, before automatically moving onto the next. At the end of each round, the game pauses & waits until the host tells the game to move on. After each round we find players are discussing what they think they got right or wrong, giving enough time for the host to mark their answers. 

Our trivia games consists of 6 rounds of 10 questions with an additional heads & tails game in the middle & a nightly PUZZLER question for teams to try and guess. We find that breaking up the trivia game in this way ensures the marking process between each round is kept short, and players are kept keen with different topics to look forward to. The more round topics, the more variety in the night! 

As always, if you sign up to our trivia, you'll have access to our experience of over 10 years of hosting trivia nights, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.... after all, we want the night to succeed as much as you!