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About Us

As a trivia company,  we have been hosting our own weekly trivia nights in a dozen venues across our region for the past 10+ years, & have used all our knowledge to design the most well polished product available.

With experience from over 10 years of hosting successful trivia nights, we know what motivates players to return week after week, & our trivia games have been designed to maximise the success of your Trivia event. Our trivia features high resolution images, & is aimed at keeping players visually captivated and coming back.

Our questions are challenging (but not impossible!), but most importantly, our trivia is engaging and fun to play!

We've done the research, downloaded & trialled ALL of the trivia games other companies have to offer, and we can say with 100% confidence that in the real world of playing trivia that none even come close to offering the quality of product we offer, in both the quality of the questions we write & the visual appeal of our big screen product.

Don't have the big screen capability in your venue? Our trivia also comes as a printed game, with handouts for teams.

We believe that OUR trivia is not only the best visually appealing trivia on the market, but is also the easiest to run, and the most fun to play!
...and our thousands of players per week agree with us!

What's included?

Trivia packs are mailed weekly, or can be downloaded from us to save.

> Includes our full colour, high resolution, easy to run, unique digital trivia game file sent on a USB stick. > Registration, keep track forms & a pad of answer forms for your players to fill out to play the game. > Gift Vouchers & Drink cards that can be used as rewards for high scoring players or winning teams. > And for the host, a scoresheet to keep track of players scores & the host answer booklet! We also include our full marketing pack with posters & social media artwork FREE for those taking up our trivia on a regular basis.

Purchase One Off Trivia Hosting Packs

See the store below for one off hosting packs for corporate trivia nights, charity events & other fundraisers. Looking for a weekly Trivia subscription for your venue? Please contact us via the contact form below.

About our trivia game packs

Our games are not only fun to play, but they look good too!

We've tried all the trivia games on offer in Australia, and can confidently state that our games are the best on the market. All our questions are well researched and tested at real trivia nights. We then pair each question with beautiful images to keep the questions visually captivating. Spending the time adding quality images sets us apart from every other company on the market. The images not only keep players interested, but we've found they also help to attract new players who may just happen to be in your venue! --------------------------- Our games consist of 6 rounds, with 10 questions per round. 1 x General Knowledge round, 1 x Audio Round (can be swapped for General Knowledge) and 4 x Rounds of changing weekly topics including picture rounds. + We also have a nightly PUZZLER question & an optional Heads & Tails game. --------------------------- Our games are designed to run for about 2 hours. Our questions are designed to be challenging, but not impossible, with a mix of history, world questions, pop culture & more. Our aim is to keep players coming back, so a mix of question difficulty is included in each game. Not planning on utilizing a big screen? Simply order our paper version of our trivia, with handouts for your players.

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