We've been using Pub Trivia Australia for our Tuesday night trivia for over 15 years. During that time our weekly trivia has attracted over 100 players consistently every week, and I feel that the product they deliver is what keeps our customers coming back week after week. 

Michael Cherote The Coast Hotel Coffs Harbour

 We have been using Pub Trivia Australia for almost 12 months now and we have been blown away by the quality of questions and variety that each package brings. Our customers love the optional music rounds! It's a great service and never fails to provide a great night. 

Evan Green The British Hotel Deloraine TAS

 The Pub Trivia Australia packs have been a boon for our club. The trivia pack fits our need for an affordable, reliable & fun event that brings in new customers & regulars alike. The pack makes it easy to run, the rules are easy to follow, and there is enough variety to keep people interested week-to-week. This has all been important to a club such as the Bardon Bowls Club, as we are open 4 days a week and are also not-for-profit. Thursdays were usually run at a loss before implementing trivia night, and we now have a reliable customer base every Thursday, which in part is thanks to Pub Trivia Australia. 

Noah Bardon Bowls Club

 We love the trivia at Palm Cove Tavern in Cairns. Heaps of teams every week with a great mixture of ages. Getting these trivia packs couldn’t be easier and they are always so easy to run. With the special packs available we can really mix it up and have some great themed nights as well as a normal trivia night. Great work Jordan 

Victor Palm Cove Tavern, QLD

 Pub Trivia is incredibly engaging and entertaining, making sure to keep the energy up throughout the evening. Their ability to create and interact trivia packs that keep the game moving smoothly is truly impressive. The questions were diverse, covering a wide range of topics and difficulty levels. Whether you were a history buff or a pop culture enthusiast, there was something for everyone to enjoy. It kept patrons on their toes and will spark some friendly competition among the teams. Overall, pub trivia night at Hotel Bargo helps us be well-organized, starting and ending on time without any technical hiccups. The atmosphere it creates is lively and interactive, creating a memorable experience for all patrons. I would highly recommend Pub Trivia to anyone looking for a fun and engaging trivia pack. I'm always looking forward to receiving their next pack! 

Luke Willoughby Hotel Bargo

 Pub Trivia has taken off here at The Oriental Hotel in Tumut! We started off with one or two teams and now have a bar full of teams – They love the variety of questions & challenges each week! 

Saly Nielsen Oriental Hotel Tumut

 We switched to Pub Trivia Australia for our regular Tuesday nights a few years ago and our patronage increased to levels we did not expect. Hanging around 40-50 now averaging 90 and have had as many as 200 during the recent school holidays. Jordan is always open to answer questions in an emergency when needed and has even tailored some trivia on demand…fully recommend!! 

Alan Shapley Mollymook Bowling Club

 Always a fun event! The questions are challenging enough but not so difficult that you lose heart. Highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys trivia. 

Rachael Logan Trivia Player

 Pub Trivia Australia has forever changed our Tuesday nights!! We have tried many things over the years to increase our weeknights and nothing has worked. Since starting Trivia we have gone from 20 odd customers to having 120 regular customers. I would highly recommend Pub Trivia Australia, they are extremely helpful and everything is so easy to do. 

Cassie McDermott Maryborough Sports Club

 This is the best trivia that we have ever attended. We have travelled all over Australia joining in pub trivia and they are nowhere near as much fun, nor as professional as Jordan & Pub Trivia Australia. We love it. We've been going for years and have started going twice a week, we love it so much. 

Janette Nethercott Trivia Player

 Pub Trivia Australia is a very professionally run operation, and the trivia has captured a fabulous number of patrons every Thursday who come to the hotel to dine in our Palms Bistro and play trivia for the evening. 

Carl Mower The Toormina Hotel

 Pub Trivia Australia are bloody awesome. The questions, audio, themes and graphics are fantastic and Jordan is awesome too. I recommend this to everyone. Trivia night has become a highlight of my week. Thanks again to Jordan and the team at Pub Trivia Australia 😊 

Cindy Bualaon Trivia Player

 Pub Trivia Australia completely revitalised our Thursday nights, taking them from quiet, slow evenings to fun, busy nights that everyone enjoys. We started holding themed trivia nights on the last Sunday of the month, and they have been insanely popular and successful, way more so than I would have thought. Pub Trivia Australia's employees are always professional and a pleasure to work with and have in the venue. 

Oliver Ferguson The Greenhouse Tavern

 Awesome company with diverse and fun trivia questions and they strike the perfect balance between challenging and interesting questions. 10/10 would recommend for a great night out. 

Kate Stanley Trivia Player

 The Pub Trivia Australia games have made it so easy and convenient for us to run our trivia nights! With a great array of fun, entertaining and challenging topics it has turned our Brew Trivia into the hottest ticket in town! 

Matthew Devenish Devil's Hollow Brewery, Dubbo

 The trivia packs are fantastic - our trivia nights are always full and we get great feedback from our customers. Jordan's customer service is brilliant, there is always someone there if we have any questions about the packs. 

Andy The Alternate Root Cafe

 These games are frequent and diverse. The questions are always well-researched and a great combination of play variety. It's never just your regular Q&A! 

Kate Searle Trivia Player

 We've been holding our trivia nights every Wednesday for over 10 years and am pleased to say they are as strong as ever with 80+ players every week thanks to Pub Trivia Australia. 

Mick Campton Roches Family Hotel

 Diverse, witty, challenging, humorous and a great accompaniment to beer or wine and chips. Pub Trivia is a visually and intellectually stimulating experience. Give your brain a treat! 

Fran Kealey Trivia Player

 Pub Trivia Australia’s visual TV Trivia game is a consistent hit at our venue, players are captivated each time we play trivia. 

Bronwyn Lockhart Ex-Servicemen's Club