4 x rounds of Musical Bingo sent to you via Australia Post

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4 x different Musical Bingo rounds included (includes approx 50 unique player cards per game

2 x USBs with the song files

1 x Host Instructions

1 x Player Instructions

6 x Gift Vouchers (can be used as prizes)

10 x Drink Cards (can be used as prizes)

Each game is designed to run for around 30-45 minutes.

Digital poster available upon request.


Musical Bingo is a two hour non stop ‘musically fueled’ variety show that engages an audience of all ages through the universal language of music.

Patrons have the opportunity to win prizes by having the lucky bingo card, while spending an evening re-living their favourite songs with friends and family.

As one venue manager has said: “ The game itself is a fun trip down memory lane for everyone that quite often has people spontaneously dancing and singing along. The social demography it reaches is so broad, we have 7 year olds through to people in their 60s! It has attracted a very loyal following and it’s really not about the prizes it’s about the fun! “

Each Musical Bingo night is made up of two x 30-40 minute length rounds of bingo.

A participant can join in any time or play right through from the beginning.

To win you mark the songs off your bingo card as they are played and when you have two complete lines you shout bingo and collect your prize.

Our Rounds:

Our Musical Bingo rounds include the following topics:

The Noughties (00s), The 2010s, 80s Flashback, 90s Hot Hits, 60s & 70s Hits, Aussie Aussie Aussie, 50s & 60s Hits, Country Music, Disco Hits,Love Love Love, Number One’s, One Hit Wonders, Oldschool Party Tunes!, Disney Tunes, Rock from the Ages, TV Theme Tunes, Duets, Hits of Motown, 90s-2000s Rock, Boys Bands & Girl Power, Movie Tunes, Random Hits, Songs with Colour, Animal Instinct, Mixed Bag 1, Mixed Bag 2, & Oldschool Hip Hop & RnB, Bling Bling $$, Triple J Hottest 100, How's the Weather?... and more!