BIG SCREEN downloadable trivia game with 6 rounds of 10 question + printable host answer booklet & scoresheet Subscribe to our games to get $10 off every week.


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Downloadable trivia game includes:

  • Our trivia game via download with 6 rounds x 10 questions per round
  • 1 x Game of Heads & Tails
  • 1 x Puzzler Question
  • This game includes an AUDIO music round for Round 5
  • Printable player registration & answer forms
  • Printable Full colour host answer booklet & scoresheet

N.B - All BIGSCREEN games are designed to run in Microsoft Powerpoint, which you will need to have installed on your computer. Games may not appear correctly if running in Google sheets or similar programs. If you do not have Microsoft Powerpoint, we suggest one of our PAPER based games.