This is our complete Musical Bingo system for you to host your own Musical Bingo nights in your venue. Includes 25 different rounds, with every song file + printable game cards included for you to play unlimited times. Product is delivered via digital download.


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Sick of paying for a subscription to Musical Bingo?

With this purchase you will receive the following:

  • 25 different rounds of musical bingo (rounds listed below)
  • Every song file for every round (over 2000 song files in total)
  • A printable PDF with 75 unique player game cards, for each of the 25 games
  • Our artwork pack to advertise your Musical Bingo game
  • Instructions on how to host the game
  • Instructions for players how to play the game

This is not a subscription. You can use this purchase to run our musical bingo games in a single venue as many times as you wish. 

You are paying for a licence to use our game in one venue unlimited times. Do you have multiple venues? Simply contact us for a significant discount on a 2nd venue licence to run in more than one venue.

Files will be delivered via digital download by our office upon successful payment received.

Please ensure you include your venue name for your Musical Bingo license. 

Musical Bingo rounds included: 50s & 60s Classics, 60s & 70s Hits, 80s Flashback, 90s Hot Hits, Love Songs, Animal Instinct, Aussie, Boy Bands & Girl Power, Disco Hits, Disney, Duets, Hits of Motown, Mixed Bag 1, Mixed Bag 2, Modern Rock, Movie Tunes, Number 1's, Oldschool Hip Hop & RNB, One Hit Wonders, Party Tunes, Rock from the Ages, Songs with colour, The 2010's, The Noughties, TV Theme Tunes.