Looking for a way to keep the kids & family entertained? Whilst COVID-19 has us all stuck inside, we've created a BIGSCREEN trivia game for adults & kids to play together! Perfect for fundraisers with kids involved, or just playing it at home. The questions for kids range from around 5-15 years old.


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Consisting of 5 rounds, with 8 questions each round, the game should take around an hour to play:

ROUND 1 - Famous Faces - Kids & Adults have different famous faces to identify each

ROUND 2 - General Knowledge - Kids & Adults take turn in answering general knowledge questions (8 questions each, 16 in total)

ROUND 3 - The Animal Kingdom - Adults & Kids identify the animals from their skin or fur

ROUND 4 - Snapchallenge - Adults & Kids look at a photo quickly, then answer a question about it, to the theme of Snapchat

ROUND 5 - Camouflage (Adults & Kids identify the animal that is camouflaged in the picture)

Kids questions are based on primary school aged children. 

Instructions on how to download the free APP, or play the game in your browser are included in the download